Maximo 7.6: What’s New?

So, Maximo 7.6 has finally been released (On December 12, 2014, IBM Software released Maximo Asset Management 7.6…See download links below), and IBM has created a set of videos that describe a subset of the enhancements that are included in the release. These videos are short and sweet (the longest is just five minutes!) but will help to introduce you to the usability enhancements.

The videos are helpfully divided into two playlists, depending on your level of interest. The first playlist is called Overview of the usability enhancements and is aimed at anyone who wants to get a high-level summary of the enhancements. The second playlist is called Configuring the usability enhancements and is aimed at application designers, application developers and system administrators, and describe how to set up the enhancements. The videos also include links out to further information where appropriate.

Considerations to Upgrading to Maximo Asset Management 7.6
IBM Support strongly recommends that you thoroughly review the Maximo 7.5 to 7.6 Upgrade Guide at the Maximo Upgrade Resources Page. for complete upgrade details and instructions prior to starting any 7.6 upgrade effort. This upgrade information is provided for upgrading from Maximo Asset Management 7.5 deployments that include Maximo Base Services fix pack and fix pack

Reporting options change in v7.5. Existing users of Actuate Reporting and Business Objects Crystal Reports need to evaluate their reporting options in the 7.6 release. v7.6 does not include the reporting integration code specific to Actuate and Crystal Reports and existing 5/6/7.1/7.5 report delivery and configuration options must be reviewed. For additional information, please click here.

Downloading the Upgrade
IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.6 is available for download. Visit the IBM site for information regarding obtaining the update and other information.

For installation instructions, click here for WebSphere or WebLogic