Maximo Spacial Overview

Author: Rodrigo Dombrowski, Maximo Product Designer & Architect

This article describes an overview about Maximo Spatial Asset Management configuration to exposing feature classes in Maximo for use when linking Maximo Asset Management with GIS records and also for editing GIS records.

This the most standard Maximo Spatial Asset Management configuration, where the geodatabase is in a database instance different than Maximo database and there is one ArcGIS Server instance.

With this setup Maximo accesses the feature classes through standard DBMS architecture (DbLink on Oracle for example) when linking or editing data. All GIS data visualization is done through ArcGIS services using the ESRI REST interface.

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No OOB Maximo components

This is part of a series on Integration Framework. To read from the beginning, visit
the post IBM Maximo Asset Management Help: Integration Framework

Integrating Maximo data when there are no ‘out of the box’ integration components

Maximo provides a number of integration components (object structures, channels & services) for a wide variety of business object data, such as Work Orders, Purchase Orders and Assets.  However Maximo has over 1000 objects so there will be cases where the data you want to integrate with does not have the corresponding integration components pre-built.  In this case you need to leverage the applications provided in Maximo to create the necessary components.

Note: the description below covers the configuration steps in some of the I-F applications.  This content does not cover every possible configuration that can be done, just those relevant to the example being discussed.
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