Improving Service Maintenance efficiency through automation

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Improving Service Maintenance efficiency through automation

Imporve service maitenance

The key to sending your maintenance sales totals skyward is a reliable, fool-proof, automated system to track, alert, quote and follow through on renewals.We call it improving efficiency through automation.

Let’s get right to the bottom line—as a channel partner selling service maintenance, how does automation benefit you? Let’s start with more renewals, more sales and a reliable system that delivers a source of recurring revenue.

To build this business model for recurring service maintenance sales, our foundation is MMI’s ONEview asset management software portal–our flagship product–an elegant, sophisticated technology to track all of your customers’ hardware and software assets and associated maintenance and services.

Add in ADDvantage+, our part number maintenance technology and the complement component to ONEview, and you have a complete system to proactively notify and quote impending maintenance renewals, with part numbers, pricing and service description information.

Proactive quotes

Let’s talk about how proactive quotes can increase your maintenance renewals. It’s no secret that tracking multiple renewal dates manually by spreadsheet (or notes on paper napkins) to provide an updated quote not only is labor intensive, it’s the least efficient way to run the service part of your business.

ADDvantage+ automation supplies you with the mechanism to notify you and your customer on upcoming renewals and to proactively provide quotes equipped with your branded messaging. The system does the work, not you.

For those of you who live by the details, ADDvantage+ automates a 10-step process that results in you winning renewals and gaining sales:

  1. Manufacturer sends renewal data to MMI
  2. MMI cleans and processes data to import
  3. Renewal data load to ADDvantage
  4. Notifications send to reseller to qualify renewal opportunity
  5. Reseller has option to send notification to end customer
  6. Notification and quote send to end-user
  7. Customer accepts or rejects quote
  8. Reseller completes sale and submits purchase order
  9. Distributor completes order and submits for registration

Strengthen your marketing

Automating the renewals process also brings you an additional marketing resource that can strengthen your relationship with your end customer. For example, with ADDvantage+ automation, you contact your customer 90 days out from the renewal date, and then at 30-day intervals through one month past the point of renewal.

In addition, by alerting your customers of upcoming warranty renewals through the quoting process, you may spark new hardware and/or software sales in a fresh cycle, which, of course, not only translates to new business for you but also builds trust and loyalty.

Finally, because automating renewals gives your sales people visibility into your customers’ hardware and software environments, they can leverage that data to help develop an overall account strategy with your customers, positioning you as a true trusted advisor to your clients.